the story

It all started with a child dream and although Iva, the designer, tried to overcome her desire to design clothes and studied arts and painting, now Iva is famous designer combining arts elements into her extravagant boutique dresses and unique advertising & brands costumes. The brand Follow me was naturally created to offer new kinds of clothes – a blend of comfort and style, easy to wear and fashion. Iva still believes that each dress is a piece of art and each model is a unique creation, with attention to detail and yet simple and practical.

the pillars

FOLLOW ME FS creates clothes that make women feel beautiful, admired and loved. At the same time they are simple and cosy to wear. Each detail matters, high quality of materials is a must, preferred are natural ones like cotton, silk, linen. The designs are modern, trendy, inspired by nature forms and beauty of arts. The team behind FOLLOW ME FS consists of another designer who contributes to creating unique designs, inspired by city environment and technology trends – a true proof that when a team loves what they do and share same values, they can create small miracles.

the next version of you

FOLLOW ME FS has one mission – to help women have fashion designs at affordable prices, feel unique, adored and beautiful, at the same time feel comfortable and calm.