the story

Almost five years ago, in the search for something truly unique in everyday life, the designer behind Fraktura started creating pieces that will make women feel beautiful and confident. She was fascinated by the process of creating fashion – how each individual piece of fabric combines with other ones to create a truly unique garment. And from that began her quest to provide every woman out there with the enjoyment of having a piece that truly flatters her no matter where she is going.

the pillars

“Movement” is the key inspiration behind every Fraktura garment. Many of the pieces give an enchanting feeling of flowing and impress with high quality craftsmanship and materials.

the next version of you

Inspired by the concept of allowing clothes to follow the body’s natural movement, Fraktura offers modern, chic and stylish loose fitting women’s clothing in all sizes from XS to 5XL. The pieces cover variety of occasions – from the busy work days to the special occasions. Beautiful details hide in every piece and compliment your style in a refined way.