the story

Тhe designer behind MariaQueenMaria is Mina Kaye – renown stylist and professional film and advertising costume designer. Her visionary work has been highly recognized for the last 10 years. Mina holds several prestigious awards including Designer of the Year 2010.
In 2009 Mina Kaye founded the fashion brand for deconstructed clothing MariaQueenMaria. Her extravagant designs revolutionized the local fashion industry. Nowadays Mina’s stunning pieces are sold worldwide and appreciated by many.

the pillars

The designs by MariaQueenMaria are inspired by the shapes, shadows and dynamics of the metropolis. The founder truly believes, that the deconstructed urban geometry line is made to motivate the independent women all over the world!
MariaQueenMaria is produced ethically in Europe with the slow fashion in mind. All the pieces are made from pure and natural materials with no industry additives.

the next version of you

The pieces by MariaQueenMaria are designed to emit confidence and boldness with their dynamic structures and lines. Wear them with attitude and dominate with your presence. Inspire, provoke and slay with your look! Unlock the next version of you!

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