the story

The designer behind Ralele graduated textiles from the School of Applied Arts and has a BA degree in Fashion Design. She founded the brand in 2011 after working for major designer ateliers as a clothing modeler. She was eager to start her own designer brand, so she can share with the world her concept of style, comfort and unique look. The elegance of her clients is her true passion.

the pillars

Ralele offers flattering silhouettes and forward-thinking designs made from carefully selected fabrics, personally tested by the designer to ensure outstanding quality. Discover designs for various occasions ranging from casual dinners, cocktail parties and formal events.

the next version of you

Stand out with a progressive look that will inspire everyone in your surrounding. Embrace the innovative style of Ralele and be sure that no one will be able to take their eyes off you. Your absolute comfort and flawless style are guaranteed.