Plus Size Women’s Asymmetrical Cotton Crop Top Sweatshirt with Thumb Hole – Mustard Turtleneck Blouse in Organic Cotton – Oversized Asymmetric Avant Garde Clothing



– Unique Plus Size Women’s Asymmetrical Crop Top Sweatshirt caters to all body types
– Made from 100% Organic Cotton for maximum comfort and durability
– Features a stylish Mustard Turtleneck Blouse design with a thumb hole for added warmth and style
– Oversized fit ensures a comfortable wear, suitable for all-day use
– Innovative Asymmetric design adds a modern, avant-garde touch to your wardrobe
– Part of an exclusive line of eco-friendly, organic clothing promoting sustainable fashion
– Perfect for those seeking a fashionable, yet comfortable sweatshirt or cotton crop top
– Ideal for women wanting to add a touch of avant-garde to their everyday wear.


Asymmetrical Cotton Crop Top Sweatshirt

An Asymmetrical Artistry

Unveiling a harmonious blend of revolutionary style and supreme comfort with our Asymmetrical Cotton Crop Top Sweatshirt. This piece is a testament to innovative fashion, pushing boundaries and redefining conventional designs. Crafted with dedication from pure organic cotton, it promises not just a visual delight but an experience of unparalleled comfort.

Cutting Edge Design

The highlight of this sweatshirt is its distinct asymmetrical cut. This unique design showcases a contemporary crop top appearance, ensuring that every woman can flaunt it with confidence, irrespective of her body shape. Its avant-garde style not only serves aesthetics but also speaks volumes about the wearer’s fashion acumen.

Warmth with a Twist

The cozy turtleneck ensures that style doesn’t come at the cost of warmth. And with the innovative thumb hole design, your hands get that extra layer of warmth, all while making a strong fashion statement. This functional detail amplifies the sweatshirt’s elegance, making it not just another piece in your wardrobe but a crafted experience.

Color of Confidence

Drenched in a mesmerizing mustard hue, this sweatshirt promises to be a radiant addition to your ensemble. The color, rich and vibrant, ensures that you stand out, exuding confidence and panache.

Celebrating All Shapes and Sizes

Inclusivity lies at the heart of our design philosophy. As a cherished piece in our plus size collection, this sweatshirt seamlessly marries comfort with style, paying homage to diverse body types and sizes. Its oversized design ensures a flattering fit, allowing every woman to don it with pride and grace.

Versatility at Its Best

Be it a chic sweatshirt, a trendy asymmetrical hoodie, or a comfy cotton crop top, this sweatshirt encapsulates them all. Dive into the world of avant-garde fashion and relish the amalgamation of organic materials and pioneering designs. Your journey with groundbreaking fashion begins here.



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inches cm inches cm inches cm inches cm
XS 34″ 84 25″ 64 36″ 90 5’5″ 165
S 35″ 88 27″ 68 37″ 94 5’6″ 168
M 36″ 92 28″ 72 39″ 98 5’6″ 168
L 38″ 96 30″ 76 40.2″ 102 5’7″ 170
XL 40.2″ 102 32.3″ 82 42.5″ 108 5’7″ 170
XXL 42.5″ 108 35″ 88 45″ 114 5’7″ 170
3XL 45″ 114 37″ 94 47.3″ 120 5’7″ 170
4XL 47.3″ 120 39.4″ 100 49.5″ 126 5’8″ 172
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