Avant-Garde Drop Crotch Wool Pants in Black – Sustainable, Urban Minimalist, Low-waisted Baggy Pants for Winter, Plus Size



Short Description:

– Elegant Avant-Garde Women’s Drop Crotch Wool Pants
– Crafted with winter-friendly wool – warm and comfortable
– Sustainable and slow fashion design supporting environmental sustainability
– Urban minimalist style with unique asymmetrical details
– Comfortable drop-crotch design coupled with chic bagginess for maximum comfort
– Low-waisted feature for trendy style and fit
– Available in plus sizes catering to diverse body types
– Perfect staple for winter wardrobes, combining style, comfort, and warmth
– Infuses any outfit with bold, avant-garde flair
– A clear stand-out in women’s pants category, redefining fashion norms
– Elegant black color, easily pairs with any top for a stylish outfit.


Avant-Garde Women’s Drop Crotch Wool Pants: Elegance Meets Sustainability

A Luxurious Embrace

Indulge in the lavish embrace of our Avant-Garde Drop Crotch Wool Pants. Immaculately tailored in an elegant black hue, these low-waisted, stylish baggy pants seamlessly blend a minimalist design with unmatched comfort. Engineered to offer a contemporary edge, every fold and seam of these pants exudes luxury, ensuring you feel as good as you look.

Sustainable Craftsmanship

Crafted with an unwavering commitment to sustainable slow-fashion principles, our wool pants are a beacon of eco-conscious fashion. Designed with an intrinsic understanding of the winter season, these pants lock in warmth, promising to shield you from the cold while upholding a high fashion quotient.

Embracing All with Style

We celebrate diversity. Ensuring that our design philosophy is inclusive, our pants are available in an array of sizes, championing body positivity. The avant-garde, asymmetrical patterns of the pants are more than just a design element; they are a statement of your uniqueness.

Superior Comfort and Warmth

Comfort is paramount. The innovative drop-crotch design of these pants guarantees unparalleled ease of movement. Complementing this is the premium wool composition, creating a cocoon of warmth, making these pants your perfect winter ally.

Sustainability: A Conscious Choice

Join us in our journey towards a greener future. These pants are not mere fashion pieces but symbols of a movement aimed at positive ecological change. Every stitch, every thread resonates with our commitment to creating a sustainable future. By choosing these pants, you align yourself with this vision, making a difference one garment at a time.

 A Bold Statement

For the modern woman who values a fusion of style and substance, our Avant-Garde Women’s Drop Crotch Wool Pants are an epitome of this ethos. Embrace a bold, daring, and sustainable fashion choice this winter. Elevate your wardrobe, make a statement, and tread confidently with our avant-garde wool pants.



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inches cm inches cm inches cm inches cm
XS 34″ 84 25″ 64 36″ 90 5’5″ 165
S 35″ 88 27″ 68 37″ 94 5’6″ 168
M 36″ 92 28″ 72 39″ 98 5’6″ 168
L 38″ 96 30″ 76 40.2″ 102 5’7″ 170
XL 40.2″ 102 32.3″ 82 42.5″ 108 5’7″ 170
XXL 42.5″ 108 35″ 88 45″ 114 5’7″ 170
3XL 45″ 114 37″ 94 47.3″ 120 5’7″ 170
4XL 47.3″ 120 39.4″ 100 49.5″ 126 5’8″ 172
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