Black Avant-Garde Puff Sleeve Shirt for Women – Sustainable Minimalist – Goth Inspired – Slow Fashion – Asymmetrical Top



– Black Avant-Garde Women’s Shirt featuring a unique & contemporary asymmetrical design
– Stunning puff sleeves add femininity and elegance
– Perfect for formal occasions and stands out as a wedding guest attire
– Represents a minimalist clothing aesthetic for a versatile capsule wardrobe essential
– Goth-inspired style for an edgier look
– Made with an emphasis on slow fashion and sustainability
– Ethically sourced materials used for a guilt-free shopping experience
– Durable and high-quality design for long-lasting wear
– An integral part of any trendy sustainable clothes collection.


Black Avant-Garde Puff Sleeve Shirt: The Epitome of Timeless Fashion

Bold and Timeless Aesthetic

Dive into the depths of elegance and style with our Black Avant-Garde Puff Sleeve Shirt, meticulously crafted for the women who dare to be different. This goth-inspired marvel, with its asymmetrical allure, is not just another piece of clothing but a testament to the power of avant-garde aesthetics. Designed to cater to the contemporary fashionista, it effortlessly marries modern design with timeless appeal, ensuring you remain at the forefront of fashion.

Elevate Your Feminine Charm

The true beauty of this shirt lies in its stunning puff sleeves, which cascade gracefully, adding a touch of regal elegance. These sleeves do not just elevate the design but amplify the feminine charm, making it apt for both the boardroom and a lavish evening soirée. Whether it’s a high-profile meeting or a wedding celebration, be ready to steal the spotlight.

Sustainable Fashion: The Future is Here

In a world where fast fashion is quickly becoming passé, we champion the cause of sustainability. Every thread, every stitch in this shirt resonates with our unwavering commitment to slow fashion. Crafted from ethically sourced materials, it promises longevity, ensuring it remains a cherished piece in your wardrobe for years to come. As you adorn yourself in this shirt, you not only embrace unparalleled style but also make a conscious choice for our planet.

More Than Just a Shirt

This isn’t merely an article of clothing; it’s a revolution, a bold statement, an ode to the women who dare to challenge the norms. By choosing our Black Avant-Garde Puff Sleeve Shirt, you’re not just setting a fashion statement but heralding a movement towards sustainable and conscious fashion.

Why Fit In, When You Can Stand Out?

In the vast ocean of fashion, why be a mere drop? Become the wave, set the trend, and lead the way. Join us in this journey towards sustainable, minimalist fashion, and let the Black Avant-Garde Puff Sleeve Shirt be your flagbearer.



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inches cm inches cm inches cm inches cm
XS 34″ 84 25″ 64 36″ 90 5’5″ 165
S 35″ 88 27″ 68 37″ 94 5’6″ 168
M 36″ 92 28″ 72 39″ 98 5’6″ 168
L 38″ 96 30″ 76 40.2″ 102 5’7″ 170
XL 40.2″ 102 32.3″ 82 42.5″ 108 5’7″ 170
XXL 42.5″ 108 35″ 88 45″ 114 5’7″ 170
3XL 45″ 114 37″ 94 47.3″ 120 5’7″ 170
4XL 47.3″ 120 39.4″ 100 49.5″ 126 5’8″ 172
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