Plus Size Avant Garde Drop Crotch Cotton Pants for Women – Sustainable Slow Fashion Boho Harem Activewear – Loose Fit – Asymmetrical



– Plus-size Avant Garde Drop Crotch Cotton Pants designed with asymmetrical seams and boho harem style
– Sustainable slow fashion piece perfect for a capsule wardrobe
– Activewear for women offering a comfortable loose fit, ideal for yoga and other physical activities
– Doubles as cargo pants with convenient pockets, enhancing functionality
– High-quality, breathable cotton material ensuring durability and all-day comfort
– Environmentally-friendly choice in line with the global move towards sustainable clothing
– Unique avant-garde clothing breaking the norms of conventional fashion
– Combines style, comfort, and sustainability, making it a smart fashion choice for the modern, plus-size woman.


 Drop Crotch Cotton Pants: An Epitome of Sustainable Fashion and Elegance

Bold Elegance in Every Stitch

Take a confident step towards avant-garde fashion with our Plus Size Avant Garde Drop Crotch Cotton Pants. Tailored specifically for the modern plus-size woman, these pants are a testament to style that doesn’t conform but rather, sets new benchmarks. Radiating elegance and sophistication, they are the perfect choice for those who dare to stand out.

Sustainability Meets Luxury

At the heart of our design lies a commitment to sustainability. Woven from the finest cotton, these pants are as soft as a feather on your skin while being environmentally conscious. Embrace a lifestyle choice that’s kind not only to you but also to our planet.

Artistic Asymmetry and Design

Fashion is an expression of individuality, and with our pants, you can make a bold statement. Asymmetrical seams bring an unexpected twist, turning the conventional into extraordinary. Whether you’re practicing your favorite yoga pose or taking a leisurely stroll, these pants ensure all eyes are on you.

Boho Harem Fusion

The Boho Harem design infuses a touch of the eclectic, mirroring the free spirit in you. The drop crotch style, while redefining fashion norms, also offers unmatched comfort and freedom of movement.

Active and Functional

Going beyond aesthetics, these pants promise functionality. Their relaxed fit makes them the ideal choice for any physical activity, ensuring you move without constraints. Plus, with the added convenience of pockets, they effortlessly transition into stylish cargo pants.

Embodying Slow Fashion

With a steadfast focus on durability, timeless appeal, and premium quality, our pants champion the slow fashion movement. Choose longevity over fleeting trends and invest in clothing that stands the test of time.

A Conscious Choice for the Contemporary Woman

Step into a world where style and sustainability coexist. Embrace the mantra of ‘Less is More’ and make a conscious decision to choose fashion that’s not just chic but also kind to our planet with our avant-garde Cotton Pants for women.



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inches cm inches cm inches cm inches cm
XS 34″ 84 25″ 64 36″ 90 5’5″ 165
S 35″ 88 27″ 68 37″ 94 5’6″ 168
M 36″ 92 28″ 72 39″ 98 5’6″ 168
L 38″ 96 30″ 76 40.2″ 102 5’7″ 170
XL 40.2″ 102 32.3″ 82 42.5″ 108 5’7″ 170
XXL 42.5″ 108 35″ 88 45″ 114 5’7″ 170
3XL 45″ 114 37″ 94 47.3″ 120 5’7″ 170
4XL 47.3″ 120 39.4″ 100 49.5″ 126 5’8″ 172
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