10 Christmas Gifts Ideas Any Fashionista Will Love

We can already hear the Christmas bells, smell the hot cocoa in the air and see all the presents under the beautifully lit Christmas tree. There is a month left until the most magical day of the year so it’s the perfect time to start thinking about presents!

Many people find gift shopping to be a truly magical and happy experience while for others it’s hard to find the right gift for the people they love. Well, we are here to help and make holiday shopping for fierce fashionistas easy and even fun!

We know fashionistas pretty well and that they always love to treat themselves with the stuff they like. So the most important things to keep in mind while shopping for them are: 

  • The gift must be something UNIQUE and that nobody else has;
  • Stylish for sure;
  • Instagram worthy!

Keeping in mind those three things, we made a simple list with ideas for the best Christmas gifts for every woman that loves fashion.

So here are our top 10 stylish suggestions that will surely make you the gift giving king/queen this year. But hurry because Christmas is right around the corner!

1. statement socks

A pair of fun and warm socks is always a good choice. We are absolutely sure that every fashionista will totally relate to the major queen vibes here. Not to mention, the knee length is just perfect for the chilly season.

2. Fringe Earrings

Fringe is totally making a comeback. And if going full in with this trend seems risky, then just a statement accessory that will add a cute accent to the outfit is the way to go.

3. Transformable masks

Right now face masks are not only an essential part of our daily lives but they have been elevated into a unique fashion moment. Browse the unique selection of designer face masks that are easily transformed into stylish accessories. They can be put away in seconds while staying in style!

4. Fingerless Leather Gloves

A small stylish touch has the power of elevating a whole look. For example, a small pair of fingerless leather gloves effortlessly give away big vibes of edge and confidence.

5. Round Leather Clutch

Yes, we know that every woman has at least one leather purse but if it’s small, cute and comes in different colors nobody would resist having another one!

6. Leather Obi Belt

A belt that gives something extra to every look because it simply goes with everything. Classic and stylish, it won’t go out of style for years for sure!

7. Leather Wristband

Leather accessories can easily blend with so many styles. Especially in the season of the long sleeves when a wristband can gently highlight the palm under the so popular voluminous designs.

8. Leather Shoulder Bag

One of a kind leather purse with a design so unique, that it will make every fashionista ask “Where did you get it?” Yes, please!

9. Fringe Necklace

Coming back to the fringe for just a second so we can appreciate this beauty that is capable of transforming every ordinary dress into the ultimate statement garment!

10. Leather Moon Necklace

Statement jewelry often pushes our vision of fashion and we love it! They always represent unique visions and this moon inspired leather necklace proves it.

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