The Classic White Collar Shirt – Elevated

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Some things are just essential for a woman’s wardrobe – a comfy maxi dress, favorite pair of jeans, classic black pants, leather jacket for between seasons. Pieces like these have proven useful times and times again – not only as a comfortable option but as practical and appropriate choices for many occasions. Work, relaxing, travel, you name it!

One specific favorite item also comes to mind – the classic white shirt. Shirts left the men-only wardrobe a long time ago and have landed a high place in the women’s to-go fashion list.

Proven as a can-never-go-wrong piece it easily goes with every type of pant or a skirt, not to mention the endless possibilities for styling – with the sleeves rolled up, the buttons half way closed or the sides tied together. 

It was just a matter of time for innovative fashion designers to get inspired to take this classic piece to a whole new level. With some little design touches you can have the timeless piece elevated to the modern trends. 

We have carefully selected some stand out designs that easily achieve just that. An oversized shape, statement sleeve or asymmetrical shape will surely help you stand out while maintaining the overall desired white-collared-shirt style.

See them below!

Curious twists

When it comes to fashion, the element of surprise is something that women prefer. A classic at first glance piece can WOW in the best way with some small, elevated details!

Oversized shape

Flattering for every body type, oversize and loose designs are preferred for the days when comfort comes first. And style is a close second!

Striking asymmetrical design

Shorter in the front – longer in the back, one side length, ruffles. Asymmetrical touches are always a head turning moment so there is no surprise to see them here!

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